Latest Qanon Posts 11-20-19 : Q Proof?

Get on board pls – YT will soon be taking down this channel, but I will continue on BC!
Decided not to continue with Brighteon ’cause it’s a mess!

4 thoughts on “Latest Qanon Posts 11-20-19 : Q Proof?”

  1. Hey Stroppy Me.
    I’ve been sharing your vids on twatter spreading the good reporting.
    I’m working on something but it’s going to take a bit more research.
    I’ll keep it up.
    Your Qanon friend, Old Rocker aka Algorythem Q

  2. Just wanted to say how much I/we enjoy & appreciate your diligence, great spirit & ‘Q’ etc. postings! Warm Wishes from the U.S. for a Blessed and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!! And please give Hank & other pooch (sorry, the name escapes me…) some extra pats from their fans over here & across the Net! You all bring much cheer & good will to me/us….Thank You!!!!!
    – A Kindred Spirit in N.J., U.S.A.

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